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Mar. 23rd, 2008

Supernatural, Vornie-icons, Lost, Misc: Heroes

(no subject)

I just thought i should drop by and say that i have moved journals. I will no longer be posting any icons or anything else here from now on.

My graphics will now go to - poordeadturtle
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Oct. 28th, 2007

Supernatural, Vornie-icons, Lost, Misc: Heroes

(no subject)

Finally got an update for you all :)

I've been a bit out of it lately and hadn't gotten around to posting anything more, now, i must say this isn't the best lot of graphics. But i did my very best. So i hope you all like them :D

Oh, also just let me apologise now for all the Milo Hair-cut icons, i have no idea what the hell is up with those Mo-fo's.



[80] HEROES Random
(includes cast, characters and random Episodes).
[10] HEROES Episode 205 (99% Elle).
[1] RANDOM Animated Peter Petrelli / Little Nicky Cross-over.
[7] RESIDENT EVIL 3: Extinction
(includes Claire and Carlos).
[21] LOST Random.

TOTAL = [125]



And we all keep marching onCollapse )

Aug. 20th, 2007

Supernatural, Vornie-icons, Lost, Misc: Heroes

(no subject)

Hey everyone,

I thought it best i do at least a little update, because it seems that people are still looking at my stuff and adding me on their F-List (thank you, hearts).

So i just wanted everyone to know that i am a little stressed for icon and all that ideas at the moment, and also a little down still because on my report aparently my I.T teacher said i had no talent, (not really but if you read it that's what you would pick up, but yeah this isn't my personal journal so i'll move right along).

So basically down to it i have nothing to do during this dry season where no good season of anything is show, but i am still here, and i will be making things hopefully when the seasons return to where they belong :D

In the mean time i have nothing to do, so i was also just wondering wether any would be interested in some requests? They might take a while to get done because i am a very busy highschool girl :3 but i could try my best, but no promises that they would actually look any good XD

So everyone thank you all so much for your support and messages and all that jazz, so yes... comment please, i like comments :3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3

Jun. 23rd, 2007

Supernatural, Vornie-icons, Lost, Misc: Heroes

(no subject)


First off i want to say to all those people who took there time on my previous post to look and take some of my icons, and comment, that i'm sorry i didn't get the chance to comment back saying thank you. But i say it now. Thanks!

Anyway the reason i didn't get the chance to comment on all of your posts was because i was having internet troubles down my end, it's terrible the standers for Australias internet being so low, we are so far behind every other country >.<

Ha. To the point! I thought seeing as my internet's slightly on a high at the moment that i might as well get some sort of posting in.

Milo Ventimiglia EW Outake.
[9] Paire (still not to sure that i support it, but i made these because i thought they were cute)
[2] Claire / Hayden "Squee"
[3] Random Peter Petrelli. + One Animated.
[2] Random Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Ventimiglia "EW Outake"
[1] Milo Ventimiglia as "Loomis Crowley" in "Stay Alive"


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May. 30th, 2007

Supernatural, Vornie-icons, Lost, Misc: Heroes

Icon Post.

Here some more random icons i found as i was going threw my folders.

Not much else to say at the moment.

[31] Milo Ventimiglia Random.
[2] Milo and Adrian Random.
[2] Hayden Panettiere Random.
[8] Heroes Episode Random.
[3] Supernatural Random.


more more more...Collapse )

May. 13th, 2007

Supernatural, Vornie-icons, Lost, Misc: Heroes

Supernatural Graphics Post

Something a bit diffrent! Haha. Finally gone back to some Supernatural graphics... There all from "All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1" so spoilers obviosuly for my friends in Australia! *waves* HI! Also i tried a new way of colouring and lightening in this batch, and i think it turned out nicely...

Anyway... on with it, because it's mothers day and i really shouldn't be here *hehe*

All Hell Breaks Loose - Part One

All Hell Breaks Loose - Part One


hi mum!*waves*Collapse )


May. 9th, 2007

Supernatural, Vornie-icons, Lost, Misc: Heroes

(no subject)

Heya everyone!

Something a little diffrent today. I decided to try and make some wallpapers.
Truthfully i made them out of a header banner for LJ (my personal LJ) i was making, but for some f'ed up reason i can't get it to work. So... instead i thought it would be a good idea to make it into a wallpaper, which, personally i think it is the best i've done so far.

Also, if you'd like to request this banner in a diffrent colour, diffrent charcters, etc. PLEASE leave a comment with the picture you'd like me to use, colour you'd like... etc. I would greatly appreciate something to do.

Also, some more icons sometime soon, hopefully i can get my Supernatural muse running for ya'll aswell.

[4] Heroes x Supernatural Wallpapers


(2 diffrent sizes for each)

Australia - to damn close to the south poleCollapse )

May. 2nd, 2007

Heroes: Peter Fangirl Thoughts

(no subject)

Hey everyone! More icons again, of course. I got bored last night, and i'm sick today, so i had plenty of time to make icons! (though i should probably be studying for my math test, but i will after i swear!)
I downloaded 1x20 String Theory last night, but unfortunately the person who put it together i think left part(s) out and had it in the wrong order... grreeeeaaaatttt for me! Nah. A well. I'm downloading the HQ one today so yeah... anyway... most of the icons i did for String Theory are Milo and Niki, just because i'm cool that way... so yeah. *Milo fangirl all the way*

Milo Ventimiglia as Loomis Crowley in "Stay Alive"
[5] Milo Ventimiglia in Music Video "Big Girls Don't Cry"
[50] Heroes "1x20 String Theory"
[15] Animated heroes "1x20 String Theory"
Random Un-posted Heroes Icons (warning they such)
[Total= 100] (OMG! Largest post ever by me!)


Yes?Collapse )

Apr. 29th, 2007

Supernatural, Vornie-icons, Lost, Misc: Heroes

Heroes Icons #4

Some more random Heroes icons for you today... there not that great, but meh. My journal, my posts, my rules...yes?

There all Peter / Milo i think... just cause i'm totally in love with his hair him... Although Milo cut his hair *cries* A well... i still like it anyway.... Today i was just practising around with new colouring technics and things, so there's a lot that are basically the same thing just diffrent versions. But i hope you enjoy them anyway!

Animated Peter Petrelli Icons.
[4] Milo Ventimiglia as Loomis Crowley in "Stay Alive".
[17] Peter Petrelli icons from 1x11 Fallout.
[5] Peter Petrelli from1x20 String Theory. (spoilers)

[Total = 33 icons]


Milo - Milo Everywhere... in a sea of black and redCollapse )

Apr. 24th, 2007

Heroes: Milo Ventigimilia

Heroes Icons #3

Some more Heroes icons coming your way.

These where just some random ones i scrapped up in History Class today at scool, we had work off so it was good time to us on graphics.

There's just a few most of them are just diffrent versions of the same one, but meh. More choice right?

[28] Milo / Peter Icons
[6] Hayden / Claire icons
[9] Masi / Hiro Icons
[4] Others


My USB just fell apart... *cries*Collapse )

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