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v o r n i e _ i c o n s

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Born to be wild.

I’m Siobhan, otherwise known to the world as little old Vornie.
I am 16 years old, and live in Australia.
My two worst habits are chewing with my mouth open and talking during movies.
I am vegetarian, and hate any form of animal cruelty.
I believe that only we can save the world; and every step we take is closer to the edge.
I am apparently to much of a fangirl for my own good, so that why I LOVE Livejournal, because you always know there’s going to be someone more of a fan girl out there.
I started making graphics after I was inspired to give it a try when i saw carmendove's; because I basically fell in love with hers.
Anyway, if you take some of my graphics, remember to created, and comment, because I love the feed back from people. And also, friending is like hugs to me! So go straight ahead!


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